Author: Kyle Diedrick

  • Golang: Presign upload/download URLs for S3

    The AWS documentation for presigning URLs for file upload/download in S3 are a little sparse. The most complicated part of the project is setting up the configuration and required client objects. Once those are created using them to get the desired URLs is straightforward.

  • Useful commands and other miscellany

    My personal set of commands I use frequently enough to want to reference but not frequently enough to have memorized. Kubernetes How to set the default namespace of a context:

  • Getting a count of active connections in PostgreSQL

    While working on my latest project in Rust with Diesel I ran into an issue when sharing a Postgres instance between two applications. The second application (in my case, Ory Kratos) was unable to establish connections to the database, telling me that there were no available connections. At first I thought maybe my Postgres database […]

  • Run a bash shell in Kubernetes Cluster

    This is really simple. Use the kubectl run command to run a container quickly: In my case I wanted to install some tools (which since it’s an ubuntu image you can!) Or if you just need curl (and some other network diagnostic tools):

  • Removing url prefixes in nginx Kubernetes Ingress

    Getting an NGINX ingress running on a cluster is really easy, but the documentation did not immediately tell me how to strip the path prefix off at the ingress. I know I can use something like Istio to do this for me but for this specific project I didn’t need all of the additional complexity […]

  • Run a plain SQL query in

    Sometimes I just need to get a single value out of the database, or in this case I wanted to include connectivity to the database in my liveness probe. Since I don’t need to load anything and just want to make sure the database is accessible I want to run a very simple query. Diesel […]

  • React Function Components with useState

    React’s Function Components make writing components really easy. They eliminate a lot of boiler plate code and confusing state management. However without hooks function components are very limited. Let’s start with a very simple example and see why the useState hook is important. Then we’ll move on to the reason for the useEffect hook.